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Bimber WordPress theme developed by BRIGHTHEPXEL has updated to version 7.0.2 with added some extra features and fixing some core theme issues.  The Bimber WordPress theme now lets you launch a fully functional viral site in no more than 24 hours because The updated version of Bimber is now developed with more focusing on Viral content technique and technology. It comes with powerful sharing buttons; popular, hot, trending listings and multiple ad locations — everything in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Just start today and go viral today! Read more about Bimber Read more about Bimber

You need to update you Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme to version v7.0.3 otherwise you will miss these updates.

Features added and updated to Bimb

  • Improved – Added font-display for better font loading
  • Improved – Snax Plugin: added font-display for better font loading
  • Improved – AdAce Plugin: added font-display for better font loading
  • Improved – AdAce Plugin integration: no white-space around some ads on mobiles
  • Improved – MediaAce Plugin: added font-display for better font loading
  • Improved – G1 Socials Plugin: added font-display for better font loading
  • Improved – MashShare CSS integration lazy loading
  • Improved – WPBakery Page Builder CSS integration lazy loading
  • Improved – Added option to show/hide video in post content
  • Fixed – Typography options for “Body Text”
  • Fixed – SpartanMB font missing characters
  • Fixed – Single Snax Item page shows snack-bar only for “Bunchy” style
  • Fixed – Fatal error inside the Featured Member widget
  • Fixed – Video Demo has got a horizontal scrollbar on mobiles
  • Fixed – Video removed from content on templates without featured video support
  • Fixed – alignment CSS class makes the element 100% wide
  • Fixed – entry-actions not entirely visible on some templates
  • Fixed – entry-actions missing hover
  • Fixed – entry-actions causing a horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed – “Background Boxed” post template glitches
  • Fixed – HTML validation warnings
  • Fixed – PHP warning on list templates (some server configs only)
  • Fixed – egg-shaped share buttons on Classic archive template
  • Fixed – BuddyPress registration form is misaligned on mobiles
  • Fixed – BuddyPress “More” submenu on a single member profile is misaligned
  • Fixed – AdAce Sponsor box is not properly visible on all templates
  • Fixed – MediaAce playlist thumbnails miss alt attribute
  • Fixes – Snax Collection Items sorting order is wrong
  • Fixed – Snax ad between items has got no proper bottom margin
  • Fixed – Snax “open in new tab” editor option is not visible
  • Fixed – Snax Poll RTL glitches
  • Fixed – Snax button is not visible on smaller screens
  • Fixed – Snax Open List Submission Form misaligned on mobiles
  • Fixed – Snax Item Comments Form glitches: CSS fixes
  • Fixed – Snax translations
  • Fixed – myCRED badge notification missing image
  • Fixed – myCRED translations
  • Fixed – bbPress misaligned tables
  • Fixed – Restrict Content Pro misaligned auto-renew checkbox
  • Fixed – Shorter cookie TTL for votes
  • Fixed – WP Bakery Page Builder: Bimber Collection post format “Standard” is not valid

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