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The WP Rocket-Catching plugin for WordPress has updated to version 3.3.1 final. WP Rocket is an amazing new caching plugin for WordPress Engine Developed by the by a French company with the dedicated team and has been on the market for a little over a year now. It seems to just now be gaining momentum among the WordPress user community. The WP Rocket is one of the best-caching plugins It works for sites large and small, no matter the type. From a simple blog to an online store, WP Rocket will accelerate the loading time! WP Rocket is easy enough for non-technical WordPress users, but extensible enough that seasoned developers can customize it to their liking.

Features Added and updated to WP Rocket-Catching plugin for WordPress v3.3.1 final release.

  • Enhancement: Update the integrated documentation and support system to the new version. It’s now easier to search for answers and doc right from the plugin
  • Enhancement: Whenever possible, use the original image dimensions for the placeholder image dimensions when using lazyload to reduce content reflow and be more compatible with various themes and plugins
  • Enhancement: Add more patterns from inline JavaScript to combine JavaScript exclusions to prevent cache directory size issues
  • Enhancement: Prevent WP Rocket from trying to clear the cache multiple times when updating a post
  • Enhancement: Add a link to the documentation if there was an error during Critical CSS generation
  • Third Party Compatibility: Auto-exclude Themify Builder Custom Post Types from Critical CSS generation
  • Third Party Compatibility Prevent defer JavaScript from being applied to scripts from widget.reviews.co.uk
  • Third Party Compatibility: Prevent defer JavaScript and combine JavaScript for scripts from SyntaxHighlighter
  • Third Party Compatibility: Improve compatibility with Flywheel hosting
  • Third Party Compatibility: Prevent the cache from being cleared too often when using Elementor
  • Third Party Compatibility: Make sure CSS changes are showing when using the external file option when using Elementor and WP Rocket combine CSS
  • Third Party Compatibility: Fix an issue fetching the RankMath SEO sitemap URL after a change in the plugin code
  • Third Party Compatibility: Auto-disable lazyload for background images on Bridge theme
  • Third Party Compatibility: Disable NGG resource manager to prevent conflict with JS minification/combine
  • New filters: rocket_css_asset_source_path and rocket_css_target_source_path, to filter the source and target paths when performing CSS minification

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