Divi Dashboard Welcome v1.2 – Divi WordPress Welcome Screen

Divi Dashboard Welcome is a revolutionary plugin that finally gives you control over the WordPress welcome screen for your website and your customers’ websites using Divi Builder! This means that you can get rid of standard WordPress content for beginners and add your own brand or brand to your client. This allows you to sell your additional services, create a customer support centre, provide useful links or videos, and more!

The Divi Dashboard Welcome plugin fixes that and gives you full control over the WordPress welcome screen using the Divi Builder!

Now you can personalize your website to you or your client’s brand with content that actually matters using the Divi Builder! You can add contact forms, images, notes to your client, or anything else you can dream up!

So, if you can create it in the Divi Builder, you can display it with Divi Dashboard Welcome!

BONUS! Divi Dashboard Welcome also includes 5 Dashboard layouts as starting points, or you can create your own and go wild!





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