Divi Builder v2.21.4 – WordPress Page Builder

The Divi Builder. A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder For Any WordPress Theme that helps building stunning WordPress websites just a click without any coding knowledge. It is a powerful designer of pages and templates for WordPress. Even without the knowledge of CSS and PHP, with the help of Divi Builder, you can create master sites. The plugin uses the technology of drag and drop, which is designed to facilitate the construction of page layouts. More than 40 content modules are available in the Divi Builder designer. Divi Builder modules are similar to building blocks, and can be combined and organized in various ways to create almost any type of website. Just drag and paste to the right place on the page/post. Also, in Divi, you have 3 types of content sections and 20 types of lines. In addition, the designer allows you to fully customize each element using advanced settings design Divi Builder.

The Ultimate Page Builder Plugin Build Anything. Drag & Drop, No Coding Required.

Built With The Power Of Divi:- The Divi Builder takes everything you love about our Divi Theme and packages it into its own plugin that can be used with any theme.

Endless Layout Possibilities:- Take control over your page content with the most advanced builder plugin on the market. With the Divi Builder, there is nothing you can’t create.

Use It On Any Theme:- The Divi Builder plugin is compatible with any theme and can be used to create beautiful and fluid layouts inside content areas of any size and shape

Tons of  Content Modules:- Divi Builder Modules are like building blocks, and they can be combined and arranged in any number of ways to create just about any type of website. Just drag and drop!

Posts & Pages Builders:- The Divi Builder gives you the freedom to explore new and exciting layout possibilities. Create stunning landing pages that capture your visitors, and build story-driven blog posts that capture your visitor’s imagination.

Endless Layout Possibilities:- With Divi, you have 3 section types, 20-row types, and over 40 content modules in your toolbox. In addition, the builder allows you to fully customize each element using the Divi Builder’s advanced design settings.

Simple Configuration Options:- Configuring your Divi Builder modules is simple. Building layouts requires absolutely no coding experience thanks to our wide range of configuration controls.
Customize Absolutely Everything
The Divi Builder’s Advanced Design settings give you full control over every aspect of your layout’s design. Modify colours, spacing and typography with just a few clicks. No coding is required and within a few minutes, you can create a unique design that matches your own unique style.

Add Custom CSS:-Custom CSS is supported too, and you can easily apply custom styles to individual parts of individual modules. If you want to get your hands dirty and dig in with some customizations, the Divi Builder won’t hold you back.

Building Power At Your Fingertips:- Although seemingly minimal, the Divi Builder is full of amazing controls. With its visible top-level controls, settings models, and right-click options, the Divi Builder is a fun and easy way to build gorgeous websites.
Create Advanced Columns Structures In Seconds
Say goodbye to boring single column blog posts. Columns can be created and combined to create all kinds of creative layouts, and you can quickly adjust a row’s column structure with a couple of clicks.

Duplicate Any Element With a Single Click:- Lots of times layouts have similar elements across the page. Any element on the page can be instantly duplicated (or copied and pasted), saving you a ton of development time.

Disable an Item To Hide It On the FrontEnd:- Have an element within your layout that you don’t want to display on the front-end, such as a seasonal promo banner or temporary notice? You can simply disable it instead of deleting and having to rebuild it down the road. This is also a great feature to use while developing and testing new content.

Lock an Item To Disable Its Editing Functions:- Often times you want to make sure that certain elements do not get modified by your clients or even by you. Website Administrators can lock any section, row, or module, disabling its editing functions.

Copy & Paste Items Within Layouts Or Even Onto Other Pages:- No software application would be complete without Copy and Paste, and with the Divi Builder you can even copy items from one page to another.

Collapse Builder Chunks For a More Concise View of Your Content:- Create a more organized high-level view of your layout by collapsing section or rows within your layout. If you have a section that takes up a lot of vertical space on the screen or has a chunk of content that doesn’t get updated often, you can collapse it so that it takes up less room in the builder.

Horizontal Column Spacing:- Give your content room to breath with the Divi Builder’s vertical spacing controls. Now it’s easier than ever to create a sense of rhythm and harmony through your page content.

Unlimited Undos and Redos:- Oops! Need to undo an action? No problem, the Divi Builder saves a number of actions so that you can undo or redo moves, edits, clones, and more. Every action you take is logged, and you can even travel backwards and forwards in time to any saved history state!

Complete Layout Spacing Control:- Content is only one part of what makes your website look great, and while the Divi Builder already adds appropriate spacing between elements, it also gives you a wide range of tools that let you control the spacing within and around the items on your page.

Section and Row Vertical Spacing:- Using the Divi Builder, it’s easier than ever to control the spacing between objects on your page. Divi spares no expense when it comes to it’s the wide breadth of layout options.

Custom Padding and Margin:- Not only can you control site-wide or section-wide spacing, but each individual element can also be modified to create unique layouts based on the unique characteristics of the images and typography you are working with.

Row and Column Widths:- The Divi Builder also gives you full control over the width of your content, giving you the ability to create beautiful full-width pages that look amazing on large modern screens.

The Divi Builder Library:- The Divi Builder Library is going to change the way you build websites forever. The library can house an unlimited number of custom builder elements and pre-made layouts. Once saved to the Divi Library, these items can be added to new pages instantly. When combined with Divi’s advanced design settings and custom CSS, the Divi Library becomes its very own templating system.

Save Any Layout, Section, Row, or Module:- You can save anything to the Divi Builder Library, whether it be individual modules, collections of rows or entire page layouts. As you build out your own custom Divi Library, you will find that building new pages and websites becomes infinitely easier. Say hello to your new web design toolkit.

Access Your Library Elements From Any Page:- After an item has been saved to your Divi Builder Library, it can be accessed at any time from within the Divi Builder interface. You can quickly add saved library items to your page, instead of having to build them out from scratch. You can ever save entire layouts, saving your favourite pre-built pages to be used on future projects.

Saving Items With Selective-Sync:- Whenever you save an item to the Divi Builder Library, you can choose which settings are saved and which are not. The next time you add that item to a page, your saved settings will be filled in automatically and you can just focus on what matters (such as you text content).

Export & Import Library Data Into Any Site:- Save yourself hours of development time by curating a robust library filled with custom Divi Builder items. Whenever you start a new project, simply import your Divi Library to jump-start your design process. You will be amazed at what the Divi Library will do for your productivity.

Global Items:- When you save an item into the Divi Builder Library as a “Global” item, that single item can be placed on multiple pages. Since it’s global, the item appears exactly the same on each page, and whenever you make a change, those changes are synced automatically to every instance of the global item! This transforms the Divi Builder into a true website builder.

Multiple Items, All In Sync:- If you want to repeat a single item across your entire website, such as a shared Call To Action in the footer of every page, simply turn that item into a Global Library Item. If you ever need to update the item, you only have to do it once and your whole website gets updated!

Global Items + Selective-Sync:- When you save an item into the Divi Builder Library as a Global item, you can also choose to selective-sync certain settings. This allows you to create global items on every page that share certain characteristic (such as common font styles and colours), while at the same time having different content. In this way, you can create your very own custom design system that can be updated in just a few seconds!




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